My Experiences of Undergoing Surgery


When I had to undergo an endoscopy and surgery during my residency, I trusted the doctors taking care of me and diligently followed their instructions and recommendations. My health issues were related to my speciality and I had a reasonable understanding of the disease processes and outcomes of surgery. It helped me accept it and prepare mentally and physically. I had an uneventful procedure and smooth recovery both times.

I have also had close family members undergo surgery for various conditions including cancer. I chose the specialists based on my prior interactions with them and my colleagues recommendations (since they were not from my speciality). Again, I entrusted them and the system with their care and conducted myself as a family member. I listened to them, asked pertinent questions and followed their advice. It has served me well every time and I am thankful to them.

I have wondered if my response would be different if I were to face a more serious condition such as cancer. I feel that I would more likely trust the process and go with my specialist’s opinion and advise. I would however be mindful of the quality of life on treatment rather than longevity alone.

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