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Mridula Narasimhan

At the age of 69, I was diagnosed as having infected Sigmoid Diverticulites. It was the first time I heard of this disease and was in a disturbed state of mind. I was recommended to meet the surgeon Dr Anand Ramamoorthy of Liver Transplant department of Apollo Hospital. When I was waiting outside his clinic I was very nervous as I had so far not had any major surgery and wondering what was in store for me. I was even contemplating running away and not face the situation. However, I got hold of myself and entered the Dr’s cabin gingerly. The minute I entered his room and met him the auro around him calmed my nerves. A good Doctor should be able to put the patient completely at ease . Dr Anand has mastered this art . He said leave all your extensive report aside and tell me your problems. When I started my elaborate story he did not cut me short even once; but very very patiently allowed me to talk complete my whole story of symptoms. He then explained to me and convinced me as to why I have to go through the surgery. The surgery itself was like a cake walk and I recovered well under his patient care. The pain was minimal and the pain killer tablets were prescribed only for a few days. During my convalescence period when I was in the hospital though dr Anand would enter my room with an army of junior doctors ; he always had a charismatic charm and smile. He would say we Dr’s are here only for patients so tell me what ever problems you have. His bed side manners towards the patients would certainly have been an example for other doctors to follow. So any body out there if your health parameters are O.K do not be afraid of surgery even if it is for the first time. , Have a positive attitude, and be confident. After the surgery you are bound to recover under the able guidance of the doctor and will lead a better quality of life. The modern medical world has advanced so much and , with the right Doctors you can come out with flying colours. Of course the energy and strength will take its time to get you back on your feet. Be a good patient and all will be well soon.


I have been blessed with a SECOND LIFE – my all time BIG thanks to the LIVER TRANSPLANT UNIT, Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai. In a road accident in 1978 my left femur (thigh bone) was fractured. It followed surgeries / re-rehabilitation process in Delhi, and presumably, I got infected with Hepatitis C virus. In 1995, I learnt about HCV infection but could not do much about it after possible treatments for next 17 years. In 2012, Dr. Ravi Arora (NMC Hospitals, Abu Dhabi) declared that I need ‘Liver Transplant’ in view of tumors in the liver. With his personal guidance, I registered at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai for cadaver Liver Transplant . From March 2012 to till date, it has been a very positive and satisfying experience at the Apollo Hospitals. I had my successful Liver Transplant in Jul 2012 by Liver Transplant team – Dr. Anand Khakhar, Dr. Anand Ramamurthy, Dr. Manish Varma, Dr. Mahesh Gopasetty supported by Dr. N. Murugan (Haptologist) and Dr. Rajeshawari Nayak (Cardiologist). The Doctors at Apollo Hospitals are highly professional, have patience and time, and attend to the patients’ anxieties with a lot of concern and human touch. The medical supporting staff too are very caring, professional, gentle and kind to the patient. Now I am medically fit, leading a normal and active Aviation professional career. Over past 42 years I have served Indian Airlines, SriLankan Airlines and a UAE based AircraftMaintenance Company as an Aircraft Maintenance Trainer. Presently I am a Consultant (Engineering), IndiGo Airlines, Delhi. I am in constant touch with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai for regular check / follow-up / prescriptions relating to my health & Liver upkeep. My family and I are completely satisfied with every interaction and feel blessed to have such a wonderful team of Doctors and para-medical staff taking care of us. May God bless the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai for serving the society by caring / curing thousands of patients. My wife and myself have taken up the social cause of motivating / talking to the people about ORGAN DONATION. We have undergone a special training – “Volunteers – Organ Donation” by MOHAN Foundation, (a NGO), Gurugram and are actively associated with this noble social cause.

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