Understanding the Liver


There is a health condition called as Alcohol Hepatitis. It is a diseased, inflammatory condition of the liver caused by excessive alcohol intake over an extreme period of time. It can cause short- or long-term liver damage. When alcohol gets processed in the liver, it produces highly toxic chemicals. These chemicals can injure the liver cells. This injury then leads to inflammation, and alcoholic hepatitis.


If you have symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis, your doctor will ask you about your health history and the alcohol consumption level . Your doctor will also perform a biopsy to see if you have an enlarged liver or spleen.

A liver biopsy is an invasive procedure (with certain inherent risks) that requires your doctor to remove a tissue sample from the liver. A liver biopsy will show if you have liver disease. This test will also show whether or not you have alcoholic hepatitis.


The best way to prevent alcohol hepatitis might be not to drink at all.

Not all heavy drinkers will develop alcohol hepatitis, and it is unknown why some excessive drinkers develop the disease while others don’t. It is also important to note that the disease can occur in moderate drinkers, although the chance is significantly reduced.


In most patients with alcoholic hepatitis, the illness is mild. The short-term prognosis is good, and no specific treatment is required. Hospitalization is not always necessary. Alcohol use must be stopped. and care should be taken to ensure good nutrition..

Your doctor may recommend a liver transplant if your liver is severely damaged. To qualify for a transplant, you must demonstrate that you won’t continue drinking if you receive a new liver..


• Skin or the whites of your eyes look yellow – a condition called jaundice.
• Fever, stomachache, or liquid buildup in your belly and weight loss
• Pain areas: in the abdomen
• Gastrointestinal: bloating, fluid in the abdomen, nausea, or vomiting

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